Get the feeling of racing indoor karting

Welcome at RaceSyd

Do you like racing and would you like to shift your vacation into another gear?

Then you ought to visit RaceSyd in Fredericia. We are specialised in giving you a fun and safe racing experience.

Almost everybody can race in our gokarts.

Children aged 8-11 with a minimum height of 120 cm races in our minikarts. Minikarts can drive as fast as 40 km/h i the fastest mode. We can adjust the power in 3 stages.

Children and adults races in our lovely Sodi RX7 with a maximum speed of 52 km/h.

Our instructors are trained to guarantee that You are having a safe and fun racing event.

Opening hours all year are:

Monday - Saturday  11 - 20
Sunday                   11 - 18

Karting sessions are available from only 70 DKK p.p.


Arrive and drive sessions - not possible to book!!

Session time
Non member
Reg. member
5 minutes 70 kr. 65 kr. 55 kr.
10 minutes 120 kr. 115 kr. 90 kr.
15 minutes 170 kr. 165 kr. 130 kr.
20 minutes 215 kr. 210 kr. 170 kr.
30 minutes 300 kr. 290 kr. 240 kr.
Balaclava 12 kr. 12 kr. 6 kr.

Grand Prix races - possible to book min. 4 persons!

Race Warm up
Qualifyl Final Balaclava Medals
Sprintrace *

13 laps 13 laps Ekskl. Ekskl.
Grand Prix
10 laps
10 laps 10 laps Inkl. Ekskl.
Super Grand Prix
16 laps
16 laps 16 laps
Inkl. Ekskl.
Mega Grand Prix
24 laps 24 laps 24 laps
Inkl. Ekskl.
Giga Grand Prix
25 laps
25 laps 45 laps
Inkl. Inkl.

Drop in for a session or call us for an appointment on:

phone +45 75 50 20 60

During holidays waiting time may occur.
In weekends please call for information about vacant sessions.

We accept: mastercard, Visa.

We do accept Euroes. Exchange rate 100 euroes = 725 DKK.

Other funny and exciting adventures in Fredericia and nearest cities.


Madsby Park - a free playing park with moon cars, petting animals, play ground. Things to pay for is rowing boats, mini golf, a trip with Mads By train.

Fredericia Ramparts - this is a very historic fortress build in 1650. The first permanent garrison of soldiers arrived in 1679. In 1849 Fredericia Defended the city against the Prussians - an succeeded.

The city within the ramparts - as the first town with religous freedom. This can be seen since there is both a jewish synagoge and a Catholic church.

Fredericia has a nice beach - Østerstrand - with beach volley, life guards and best of all you can walk from the centre of the city to it.







Drop in 10 minutter KUN 120 kr.